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  • Yes, I accept guest posts from fellow travelers and travel bloggers. Guest post guidelines are over here – read them first.
  • Sorry, I don’t accept guest posts from people who’ve never been to the city or country they’re writing about.
  • Sorry, I don’t accept guest posts written with commercial intent or just for getting a backlink. If your post can’t offer my readers some serious value for their time, it won’t be published.
  • Yes, I do product reviews. Please read the advertising page for more details.
  • Sorry, I don’t do product reviews for free.
  • Yes, I accept ads. Please read the advertising page for more details.
  • Sorry, I don’t accept ads for products or services unrelated to the travel world.
  • Yes, I do book reviews. Please read the book review page for more details.
  • Yes, I do customized itineraries. Please read the FAQ’s on customized itineraries, then place your order over here.
  • Sorry, I don’t do customized itineraries for free. I may do an exchange if you have extensive knowledge on a country we’re looking to visit – please write below with your proposal.
  • Yes, I accept questions from readers. I may point you to an existing blog post in my reply, and I may use the question in a future blog post. Your name or initials may be used, or you can choose to remain anonymous if you like.
  • Sorry, but I can’t help you write your term paper, your homework, take your survey, or your other academic endeavors.

I aim to reply to all queries in two business days or less.

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+57-321-569-5909 (Colombia)